There's nobody here...

I have the place all to myself at the moment. It was an early day of work walking the puppies. 

That's Kusti. He's my morning buddy. 

Anyways, the wife and kids are out doing maid of honor things and I'm sitting in the apartment by myself and it's nice and quiet and the PlayStation is humming it's happy little ambient noise and background music while the TARDIS spins contentedly over a field of spiraly clock stuff...

It's too quiet. 

Why isn't the boy crawling up my chair and crushing my testicles in his vice-like grip? 

Why isn't my daughter prattling on about The Sims or Skyrim? 

My wife isn't asking me to cook dinner...

Holy shit?! What am I supposed to do with myself? I thought about playing Skyrim but that quickly turned into uploading scans of new paintings I did at Wizard World Philadelphia this past weekend and updating the site. Now I'm writing comics in the back of my head (like how I was super star struck when Steve Blum started doing voices to the delight of my son at my Artists Alley table and an imagined incident with a Game of Thrones cosplayer.)

It was a great weekend....

Maybe I'll take a nap. 

#WizardWorld #Philadelphia #comiccon #nokids #alone #ramblings #SteveBlum #Artistsalley

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