Update on the comic strip

Hello all you fine and good folk that come to see my art. Thank you for sticking by me while I’ve figured out life over the past year. Here’s what happened:

Last May I took custody of my daughter after only really seeing her a few hours a week for twelve years (it was more frequently with overnight visits and holidays when I wasn’t working, but you get the idea. It wasn’t enough to build a bond or really have much hand in her development) on top raising a newborn (he’s almost 2 now!) on top of trying to get everything ready for Wizard World on top of going under the arduous testing process for Autism Spectrum Disorder when you’re 37 years late to the game. 

Essentially, Life happened. 

The comic had to stop production for a bit while we figured things out. It’s still hectic at home, yeah, but at least I’ve been able to work more on my art lately. Which brings me to the comic.

Originally it was going to be from the perspective of the father. He’s an Aspie, hence the title of the painting “Aspie Road”

I’ve been thinking about what the comic’s voice should be for about a year now and recently I’ve realized that Wade needs to be the voice, not Logan. 

No. Not that wade.

That Wade.

Y’see, times being what they are and all... I didn’t want to tell a story that would depress people. Right now, with all the bullshit that’s stirring up with intolerance and hate and misinformation and misunderstanding.... We don’t need that. We need acceptance, love, joy, an almost reckless need to adventure, fun.... and lots of Star Wars references. We need to see things from the mind of a child. We need to see things from the perspective of the people whose lives and planet we’re fucking up for no reasons other than laziness and greed, infighting and petty squabbles, and old notions about judging someone on how they look that day and by dermal pigmentation. 

Y’all are fuckin diseased and I don’t wanna write about you. Or me. I’m just as messed up and a complete Aspie Hole.

My kids make me want to be better. So I’m gonna write about them. And their imaginations. And all the fun we should be having.

Take a lesson from my soon to be 2 year old: When you see somebody you love today smile real big and giggle a little. It’s okay to feel happy. Then run on up and give them a hug with your whole body. 

Then have a 20 minute lightsaber battle.

New comics will be coming soon. I’ll see you all at Wizard World Philadelphia May 17-20 with a bit of a preview of production.

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