Fragile Things

Strange kind of feeling on this beautifully chill April night. I’ve never been one for flights of fancy. I’ve always considered myself the perfect blend of realist and dreamer; I make breakfast fun again that way. Yet there’s a strange kind of energy that’s permeated my being as of late. I hear a certain voice and I smile uncontrollably; like a water head with a shiny object. My little-black-ten-sizes-too-small heart flutters like the wings of a hummingbird who overdosed, non-fatally, on speed. I sweat and become flustered. This is not like me at all. I’ve never been so happy to just KNOW someone. In an odd way it’s comforting to know that this person exists and has deemed you worthy to be part of their life. But then the sweats, nervous ticks, and chain smoking start; making it impossible to not think about holding them, kissing them, and never letting go. Since the birth of my (child) I have never been so humbled in anyone’s presence. It could be witchcraft. And why not? Hell, Elvis sang a duet with Sinatra about it on Frank’s variety show back before I was an itch in my daddy’s pants. IVE BEEN BEWITCHED! Honestly, I can’t say I’m opposed to it if that be the case... for the love of god, I’ve turned into a babbling idiot. Considering that I have been inspired lately, I cannot seem to justify this nonsensical rant. True, I am NOT used to connecting so quickly and, seemingly, completely with anyone. This could be frightening me. In a good way. I mean to say that I am happy, very happy, that I’ve not only had the pleasure to meet someone like this but to be allowed to be their friend as well. Someone who understands and adheres to “The Truth, No Matter What” is the rarest thing to find. It is a blessing to know them and it is imperative that you keep them. Their energy prevails for good or ill and melts even the iciest heart; causes the stoniest face to come alive and smile warmly. Do not mistreat these people. They are fragile, though they are far too proud to admit it. Treat them with respect and love and they will be with you forever. Mistreat or spurn them... well there’s a special place in hell for the miscreant swine who do that. I feel sleep coming. Perhaps my dreams will be sweet. Thank you... for being amazing. 

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